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Start to make more and bigger treatments for your patients

This book is a very comprehensive training for dentists, physicians and their teams about sales and the skills you need to be successfully closing the treatments you offer to your patients. The examples are tailored for dental offices, but it also applies to private physicians and other healthcare providers.In Universities we have not been prepared to be entrepreneurs. But we open an office and have to compete. Some of you are lucky and compete against other “amateurs”, e.g. other dentists or physicians, but some of us are in countries where regulations allow even a taxi driver to open a dental office, which makes everything a pure business and then you, as a dentist, have to compete against “real” entrepreneurs.With this book you will be equipped with skills and ideas, that will help you with the sales process.You will find many tips and tricks, that you have to write down, practice and repeat over and over, so that they come naturally out of your mind to help patients to make the correct decision and choose you and your proposed treatment.Some of the chapters and lectures are also part of other books of the author, but for the overall understanding it is important to have them in this book as well.If your dental skills are excellent, but you want more patients to accept bigger, more sophisticated, better treatments for them, then this book is the right one for you. You will be equipped with real world tips on how to communicate properly and how to present to patients your proposal in a way they will say “yes”.

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Sales Skills Bootcamp for Dentists – INGLES

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