20 lessons I learned in Dental Business Management – ENGLISCH


Open your mind with little things they usually don’t teach you at Dental School.

This course is a short introduction to a different way of thinking for dentists, physicians and their teams. The examples are tailored for dental offices, but it also applies to private physicians.

In Universities we have not been prepared to be entrepreneurs. But we open an office and have to compete. Some of you are lucky and compete against other “amateurs”, e.g. other dentists or physicians, but some of us are in countries where regulations allow even a taxi driver to open a dental office, which makes everything a pure business and then you, as a dentist, have to compete against “real” entrepreneurs.

In this course you will start to get a mindset and ideas about the fundamentals of dental business management, personal branding, marketing and the sales process.

It is not complete, just 20 tips, that open up and may change the way you do business until now.

But if you can implement one or two of these ideas, this will bring you more patients, which means much more revenue over the years.

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How to calculate the Value of a New Dental Patient

Difference between Marketing vs Sales and Features vs Benefits

Why you should Raise your Prices

The 4 most important skills in dentistry

The 4 different types of patients

Personal Branding
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The difference between your Office Mission and Vision Statement

Fundamentals of Personal Branding for Dentists

How to write your Personal Elevator Pitch

Personal Branding Secrets

Be the Expert for your dental patients

About Marketing
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Why and how dentists should do Video Marketing

Tips on how to handle media and press

How to stimulate referrals

Patient Referral Script Step-by-Step

About the Sales Process
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5 reasons patients don’t buy your treatments

5 mistakes dentists make when they try to sell treatments

A simple idea on how to handle objections

3 reasons why patients buy your treatments

Start closing, don’t sell your treatments

Steps to improve your Sales Process


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20 lessons I learned in Dental Business Management – ENGLISCH