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How to Deliver Excellence in Patient Service at your Front Desk and Office

This course is a very comprehensive overview for dentists, physicians, office administrators, front desk employees and their teams about the service experience you offer to your patients. The examples are tailored for dental offices, but it also applies to private physicians and other healthcare providers.

With this course, you will be equipped with skills and ideas, that will help you with front desk and patient service excellence.

You will find many tips and tricks to help patients have an outstanding service experience in your office. Most of them are easy to implement.

The dentist, physician or practice owner should know all the details of this course to be able to transmit to the team the spirit of outstanding service he or she would like for the office.

This course is also useful as a training tool for new employees, especially at the front desk.

Some of the chapters and lectures are also part of other courses of the author, but for the overall understanding it is important to have them in this course as well.

If your clinical skills are excellent, but you want more patients to come to your office and start recommending you and your staff, then this course is the right one for you. You will be equipped with real world tips on how to handle different aspects of your service, like phone skills, effective scheduling, reminders, reactivation and loyalty systems, referrals, patient control and team building.

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Why the way you communicate is so important
What you should Track in your Office

Phone Training
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Basic Skills and Etiquette
The New Caller
Other types of Calls
When the Front Desk Calls

Scheduling Skills
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Scheduling Principles
Block Scheduling
Hygiene Scheduling
Giving Appointments
Unscheduled Treatment
Schedule Problems

Staying in Touch with the Patients
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Loyalty Programs

Payments and Collection
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Patient Balances and Discussing Money Issues
Improving your Collections

Patient Service
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Fundamentals of Patient Service
New Patient Journey
The 4 different types of patients
VIP Service Excellence
Treatment Coordination
Patient Control
Other Patient Experiences
Key moments of the Patient Experience
How to stimulate referrals
Patient Referral Script Step-by-Step
How to get Convincing Patient Testimonials
Patient Satisfaction Survey to improve constantly
Upselling Strategy

Patient Control and Communication
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Basics of Patient Communication
Active Listening
What language to use for patients
A simple idea on how to handle objections
Why are patients unsatisfied
The Angry Patient
The Indecisive Patient

Team Building
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The difference between your Office Mission and Vision Statement
Staff Meetings
Team Building Activities
Incentive Plans

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The Patient Experience Matters – ENGLISCH